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Submitted on
August 9, 2010
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1,410 (who?)
(This will almost certainly contain heavy profanity and the usernames used in this were pulled out of my own head and aren't any real people that I know of but if someone has usernames matching them then it's probably coincidental).

SamusFan20 in the video description: This is my Metroid compilation of pictures in a slideshow featuring Samus set to Queen's "We Will Rock You." I hope you guys enjoy.

DisgruntledAsswipe87: Jesus Christ you're such a faggot. Why the hell would you post pics of a fictional girl and set it to Queen? Do yourself a favor and go get a REAL GIRLFRIEND, loser. Oh, and stop shaming such a great band with such a shitty video game and your BS imature antics at attempting to fap to it.

(In reply to DisgruntledAsswipe87) ConcernedStranger17: Hey, calm the fuck down, douchebag. If this person is so "immature," than what the hell are you doing on a video meant for a video game girl, anyway? I bet you were at home looking for something to fap to and found this and decided to take out all your repressed sexual frustrations on the vid's creator. Seriously, get a life.

DisgruntledAsswipe87: Was I talking to you? Really, eat my shit. I was just browsing vids randomly looking for Queen when this shit showed up. I only clicked on it so I could defend a great band from being defiled in such a fashion. Do yourself a favor and kill your'reself before you jump in next time, fag.

ConcernedStranger17: You spelled "immature" wrong and "yourself" doesn't have an "e" in there.
Learn how to spell correctly before you decide to insult people about their intelligence, hm?

DuckMan98: Hey i am only 12 years old but i hate bands of today and love bands like queen becuz they r so classick. i think rap and pop sucks. queen 4 evar.

(in reply to DuckMan98) Bill996: Okay, seriously kid? Shut the hell up. No one fucking CARES how old you are and how "cool" you think you are just because you listen to Queen or some other "old" band from 1970-something or whatever. You think you're the only one that does and openly insulting rap and pop somehow makes you more "mature" for your fucking age, (which is DOESN'T), then do us all a favor and gtfo off my internet and go play in the sandbox outside or some shit where you won't bother us "mature grownups."

(in reply to Bill996) ConcernedStranger17: Shut up, asshole. Also, YOUR internet? Hah, that's a laugh. Be nice to kids, dickwad. These people are our future and if they want to listen to Queen, then God Bless Them. duckman98: Don't tell these immature haters tell you what to do! Keep on rockin'!

MEANWHILE, SamusFan20 replies to DisgruntledAsswipe87:
SamusFan20: If you don't like, don't look. Simple. Secondly, I have a right to post what videos I want or whatever I want and I don't think it's fair for you to harass me for that.

(reply to SamusFan20) DisgruntledAsswipe87: Oh PLEASE. Like you said, faggot, this is the INTERNET. I have just as much a right to post whatever comments I want as you do, and I have a right to state my opinion. And my opinion is that your video SUCKS and you need to get a REAL girlfriend. Don't like it? Too bad, baww harder. As far as I'm concerned, you're probably some twnty-something-year-old fanboy that lives with his parents that faps to anime girls and video games.

SamusFan20: Excuse me? Get a "girlfriend?" Guess what, douchebag? I AM a girl. And I'm 17, not "twenty-something" (which you spelled incorrectly btw). And at 17, it's not uncommon for TEENAGERS to live with their parents. Get a life, and take your "mature adult" ass somewhere else, you fucker.

DisgruntledAsswipe87: What is it with all you fucking grammar Nazis and goddamn SPELLING?! It's the INTERNET, not SCHOOL. OH, and so now you're a teenage GIRL now? HAH! That's a laugh. Please. You're probably a fat, hairy, disgusting middle-aged man sitting in front of a computer that faps to online porn and animated chicks, instead of, you know, GETTING A REAL ONE. So you pretend to be one to live out your fantasy. I get it. Very clever.
P.S. I'm studying to be an English major right now. I think I know a thing or two about "gewd spellingz" without some disgusting hairy meatbag of a "teenaged GURL" like you lecturing me about it.

ConcernedStranger17: Funfax, moron. "Studying" to be an English Major doesn't equal "Master of the English Language and all that Grammar Entails." also, even if you -were- an English Major, which you said yourself that you're merely -studying- to be one, that doesn't give you a right to flaunt it and act like a general dickwad to everyone else "below" your "superior level" of English thinking.
Get a life.

DisgruntledAsswipe87: Funny how you talk of my "not being an expert" when you forgot to capitalize your "a" there after the second sentence, retard. Seriously. Spelling FAIL. English FAIL. Capitalization FAIL. Everything you do is FAIL.

DuckMan98: u guyz all need 2 stop fighting for a minute and just enjoy the video. why cant we all just get along? p.s. metroid 4 evur!1111

Bill996: Okay, kid, what the hell did I tell you about SHUTTING UP? Seriously, I'll say it again since your little underdeveloped brain CLEARLY didn't get it the first time. Get. The. FUCK. Off. My. INTERNETZ.
There should be a new law, "no one under 18 allowed on the net."

GreenGeek89: I'm so down with that new law.
HatBag: Seconded.
NINSammy: Thirded.
RandomBoyFan: Aaaaand Fourth'd.

RandomBoyFan: ...there's a prize for fourth, right?

(@ Bill996) DuckMan98: its a free country i do what i want. youre not my boss and i have just as much a rite 2 be here as u.

Bill996: What's that? Turns out, I have this strange power where all the people that are part of grownupland can't hear whining little goblins such as yourself. But seriously. Get off.

DuckMan98: my dad has a gun and i kno how 2 use it.

Bill966: That's it, consider yourself blocked from my channel. Have fun being a little brat, you worthless know-it-all little shit.

ConcernedStranger17: Fighting immaturity with more immaturity? Way to handle that one like an adult, bud.

NINSammy: Adults suck. I want to be 15 forever!!!!

Bill996: Oh jeez, another one? Actually, you know what? I'll just block this one too before this grows out of hand. Children on the internet are like fuckin' weeds.

MEANWHILE, back on the main front:
DisgruntledAsswipe87: Okay, this is retarded. I am out of here. I officially have better ADULT, REAL-LIFE, REAL-WORLD, ENGLISH MAJOR things to do than hang around with you chodes arguing about "video games." Good day.

SackytheChanFace: Nice vid. Come see hot girls XXX @!
Also, check out my profile!

SamusFan20 @ Disgruntled: Oh, sure. See that you're losing and then back away. Good riddance. Have fun with your "adult" life, jackass.

DisgruntledAsswipe: Have fun reading "Twilight," clever TEENAYJURR. Pffft.

(on Bill996's Channel) TheReturnofDuckMan98: miss me, dooshbag? p.s. duckman98 forevor111!!

Bill996: Oh Jesus Fuckity Christ damn no....

IamDaN00b: First?
A response from a challenge from ~MarikBentusi to successfully parody a youtube fight/conversation.
As you can see,
I have accept. :iconsneakylionplz: Yes, accept.

Chances are: if you have internet access, you have seen, been involved in, or laughed at these kinds of fights.
Also, I love it when people use the "I'm studying to be ___" or "I have a ___ Major/do this-or-that as my living" and use that as a complete justification for being an arrogant dickshit and talking down to someone else on their work.

...and then the people that go onto what they -know- is a pervy video only to act like they weren't doing it intentionally and then insult the creator and everyone else for being there as "not having a girlfriend/sex life/real life/dick/anything else".

If I had a dollar for every time "get a life" was thrown around. And the assumption that everyone you talk to on the internet is a male. Because everyone knows only a hairy, pasty white overweight males harbor a special ability that only gives them internet access.
It's funny how so many of the same exact fights can be seen on different videos and being fought by different people.

Edit: I'm sorry that I inaccurately portrayed the average YouTuber by excessive use of correction punctuation and spelling. I HAVE FAILED THE GENERAL POPULACE ORZ.

Edit: Before more people point it out, yes, I am fully aware the 15 year old replied in a positive manner to the "no one under 18 allowed." That was the point.
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ManesixandPPG Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Honestly, it's sad that 9/10 comments I see are just like this. I'm younger than even DuckMan98 and I don't act like that.

People on YouTube these days... No, I disagree! 

(My name doesn't help this comment, does it? Oh well.)
ChickenCakes Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Youtube comments are the reason why I lost all faith in humanity.
Redvanescence Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
This is surprisingly accurate, lost it at the 12 years old user's comments xD
I've seen another "good" start to a Youtube fight though. Comment in a well-known music video about how much this band/singer sucks and when people start replying to defend the band/singer, you tell them that you're a vocal coach or a professionally trained singer and you can sing a lot better than the lead singer (even though you don't have any videos of your performances on your channel to prove the argument)
Mrgreen36 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I've always said that Youtube comments represent the lowest form of life on the planet
JPtoony Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Dude, you forgot to add in the religious arguments and political debates!
Sparkinum Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I cracked up at the "IamDaN00b: First?". Pure Gold.
No1Edutainment Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Dude, you completely forgot about the political debates! In arguments like these, there's always that one guy who manages to change the topic to Obama.
TheCrimsonCrafter Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student Writer
haha, douchebag, that's what you get! trollololol! go DuckMan98!
xXHUNTERJAYXx Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im actually 13, and I hate cussing tbh. I hate how my generation is most likely not going to progress the world but doom it, economically speaking. Its super sad :( >>!!(Im speaking if this gets 1,000 times worse than now!)!!<<
l33tn3rdz Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I believe this video would be very appropriate for this:…
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