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July 7, 2010
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Hello. Today we'll be going into the depths of the jungle in search of an exotic and incredibly wild beast in its natural habitat. It is a very curious creature indeed, sometimes it takes great care to make itself the most noticeable thing in plain sight, other times it hides amongst us, camoflaging itself as "one of us." That is, until it is properly baited and/or the creature assumes it is only in the presence of other members of its species, in which it will then throw caution to the wind and commence returning to its true nature.
That of the aneemeifayun.
In general, the aneemeifayun species is largely capable of human speech. However, it functions more like a 'second' language than anything else, only to be used when absolutely necessary. And even then, it is often sprinkled with an assortment of oddities from their first along with being somewhat broken and incomplete.
Some examples would include:
"omg disis sokawaii," possibly meaning, "This shit in front of me is fucking adorable." Or

"Baka!" an abrupt barking commonly believed to be short for, "uncultured" or "outsiders" that seem to not have a good understanding of their ways and customs. This term can either be used interchangeably either with feelings of great contempt or jokingingly as a term with those among close friends.

Aneemeifayuns generally take great pride in their own race, demonstrated by holding great ceremonies and putting on somewhat outlandish yet highly colorful and exotic attire, which takes place on special holy grounds on a periodic cycle. Sometimes these grounds change and many of the species often have to migrate certain distances and make long pilgrimages in order to reach said ceremonial grounds.
Here they imbibe drink and partake of many unique dishes, the most common of which is known to us as pakii. This long, stick-like pakii comes in a variety of flavors, but the most well-liked seems to be of a sort of strawberry or chocolate/cocoa variety.
These same grounds are also used to sell and exchange various wares. A note has been made of the kinds of wares that have changed hands, and a popular item seems to be small colored items that come either attached to chains or in a small, plushable form shaped like various confectionaries we see in our daily lives. These confectionaries have also been given noticeable "human" traits such as eyes, mouths, and have even been seen to have been given human "expressions." Some have come to the conclusion that the confectionary represents an important part of aneemeifayun culture, the same way certain creatures and objects were important to the early peoples of the Americas. In this way, they help personify this importance by given these otherwise inanimate objects "human" features.

Great reverence has also been placed on the representation of the cat. Cat ears can be seen constantly adorned and many idols in aneemeifayun culture can be seen adorned with cat appendages, despite not having such in nature. Even things such as trees and rocks. It is not clearly understood why the feline species holds such great importance to them, but it has been theorized that it must
1) either represent some form of immortality, wealth, and good luck or
2) It must be extremely "kawaii" to them.

Some have gone so far to say the cat is a metaphysical extension of an enlightened prophet sent to them from the "homeland" across the sea. Many aneemeifayuns feel a long, lost sense of connection to the "homeland" despite many not having ever been there, and often feel a sort of spiritual tug with the land's calling. The "homeland" is often depicted as a pure island paradise locked away from the rest of the earthly world, a place free from persecution. Many aneemeifayuns dream of this place as a sort of 'Final Destination' and hope to see its glistening shores at least once before death at some point in their lives. This destination is said to have once been ruled by a great bipedal lizard god that roamed the islands and breathed a noxious fire as he walked. He swam the waters and guarded the paradise against invasion but belief in this beast has long since declined in favor of "brighter"  and more, what many aneemeifayuns call, dessoo gods.

Aneemeifayuns, like many cultures, also have their fair share of deities, each with their own sects and cults. One of the most major deities is the Keeshimodo who, in turn, gave birth to another being called the Naaruudo. This always seemingly jolly, bright orange being is seen as personified by the species vulpes, or foxes. It is believed by this sect that wearing a special swirling symbol on one's forehead and making offerings of a spicy, noodle-containing broth known as raamehn will help appease this god and bring good fortune to all through its jolliness. This particular sect of aneemeifayun can be amiable, but their large number and tendency to roam in herds can make them extremely unpredictable. They can be easy to take offense to anything they perceive as a threat to their deities, and will fight, maul, and raze to the ground all they can to defend its honor and the sacredity of raamehn. While members of this sect can be amiable, friendly, and respectful, their large number and highly enthused devotion to their gods often makes it easy for them to detect threats from all around, real or otherwise, and thus has been the cause of many skirmishes and bloody battles over the years, thus making many outsiders and other aneemeifans "wary" of this particular sect.

Another major god is that of the Bleechigami. The Bleechigami is quite unlike the Naaruudo in that it is not jolly, but dark and somewhat more foreboding. A sort of ferryman of death, if you will. It wields a sword ten times its own body size and always has an eternal scowl on its face. Its patron fruit is strawberries.
How such a dark deity came to be linked to strawberries still has not been figured out by scientists, but considerably progress is still underway. It could be possible that strawberries are linked for their "redness", and redheads in this culture are seen as "special" and "unique" and "attractive." Quite possibly more so than the other sects, but further research has yet to be conducted.

Hand-in-hand with the deity system, there is also a concept of the afterlife. It is believed that, after death, an aneemeifayun's soul will be transported to a realm of dark and light known collectively as the Hearts Kingdom. It is believed that it is here the soul of an aneemeifayun is weighed for good and evil, and what becomes of their fate depends entirely on the amount present. If the person is evil,
they forever lose their heart to darkness and must wear dark cloaks to forever conceal their ghostly forms and walk the realms of darkness forever. If the person is good, they arrive at two large doors in the sky and enters the yaoi kingdom. The Hearts represent love, and love is seen by many of this belief system, largely the females, as homoerotic sexual activity between two males. It is the goal of every female within the Hearts Kingdom system to one day arrive at these doors, and so on earth they put offerings to the Bleechigami representing their desires, often in the form of shrunken, squashed big-eyed persons known as chiibees or artistic etchings of male on male intercourse.
This sect, like the Naaruudo, is incredibly large, and while they are capable of friendliness, can be quick to bite and march into battle should they perceive their kingdom or system threatened, again, whether or not the threats are real or imagined.

Much more about this culture still needs to be learned, understood, and discovered, but that will take more time and effort. Some aspects have faded, some remain, but if science and the academic community persists, the modern world -may- just be able to find out what is at the core of these people and their ways, and, hopefully, what makes them tick and if it can be used to humanity's advantage, if at all.
This actually started off as another How To but it felt too repetitive so I tried another approach.

You can be mad, or you can write. :I

Might do another one depending on how this goes.

This is largely intended for nonserious/satirical/comedic shits and giggles but, yeah, kernel of truth and all that good shit.
Not meant to offend, just wanted to take another approach to something. So don't try to analyze too hard. Please. For all our sanities.
And, yes, I have played KH and watched/read Naruto and Bleach at some point.

Edit: Before something gets out of hand, no, I don't think all Bleach/Naruto/anime fans are stupid/rabid, etc. But to deny the level of rabidity that exists within said circles is absurd.

Also, I mention Naruto/Bleach/KH because they're some of the most popular/recognized things in anime right now and people would be better familiar with something like that.
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