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Pokemon vs. Digimon by In-The-Machine Pokemon vs. Digimon by In-The-Machine
Edit: I've gone back and 'marked' it because I'm sick of sites like [link] taking my comics and 'watermarking' them when:
1. My comics obviously came from DA, not there.
2. I never uploaded them there in the first place, so why are they being 'marked' as if they're owned by that site?

I've seen so many people compare the two that I thought I'd just make a comic about it.
Also, this is a joke.
Sort of.
But while both are clearly fantastical creatures that coudn't exist in real life, from what I know of the two, it seems like pokemon at least has some sort of pseudo-science or logic regarding the designs, anatomy, and functions of various aspects of the creatures of the pokemon universe while digimon seems to enjoy packing on as much armor and spiked metal as humanly fucking possible. Not saying one is inferior or superior, but that's what it looks like lol. Then again, I haven't followed digimon in like a decade or something.

Anyway, I haven't played the digimon games, but from what I've heard people say, it seems that the general consensus is that:
pokemon games > digimon games
digimon anime > pokemon anime

I was a big fan of the digimon anime for the first two or three seasons or so a long time ago. Don't know much about it beyond that though.

Edit: I think this might end up being infinitely more popular on tumblr than it will ever be on here. Hot damnity.
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April 10, 2011
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