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Submitted on
January 23, 2012


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Putting it up because I think it applies to a number of things.
In regards to this post:…
I think a number of things in regards to what the OP was saying were seriously taken out of context. I'm also going to say upfront that I don't really watch the Sherlock show, and, yes, I am fine with slash and femmeslash and all that on many occasions. That being said, I find their post, despite it being geared towards the SH fandom, to be incredibly applicable with a number of fandoms. While reading their post, I never once got the vibe the OP was saying anything remotely close to "slash is bad" or "asexuality is bad" or "you're not a real fan if you didn't read the original Holmes books." To be honest, I don't think they were even saying (or even implying), "you're a shitty fan if you like slashing these characters and you like porn of them."

Honestly, I think the main point of their post wasn't you're not a real fan if you enjoy porn or slash and you're a terrible human being. If anything, I think the main point was that so, so many people are caught up in pairings, the potential of romantic relationships between characters, sex, and general shipping arguments and debates about sexuality (that may not even exist) that, as a result, many people end up overlooking and even forgetting the point of Sherlock Holmes, the sheer magnificence of his intellect and deductive capabilities, and the world he inhabits in favor of tearing each other down in favor of arguing about
"no he loves irene
no he loves watson
no ur wrong he wants to fuck them both
no hes asexual it's so obvious
no theyre gonna have a threesome
no omg stop hes not gay stoppit"

I don't even -watch- SH and I've seen more arguments of this show up on my dash than I can care to count. Also, for those saying things like, "the OP clearly has an issue with slashing" or "the OP just doesn't want the fandom ruining SH with gay," I'm pretty sure the OP clearly stated and included that, "If you want to use this information to prove that Holmes is asexual, you are missing the entire goddamn point. He exists to illustrate the completely rational man: a human machine with only one function. Reading this and thinking about his sexuality is like reading Moby Dick and theorizing about the whale's sexuality." As in, it's not just about "the gay," you guys. The OP seems to be referring to the fanbase's shipping tendencies in general by mentioning asexuality, homosexuality, Irene addler's role as a "cut-and-paste" woman, etc. To single the OP out just for hating on slash seems a bit ridiculous imo.

The fact that people are automatically jumping on this person for this post and claiming "theyre just made because they dont like slash" or "they think shippers and porn will ruin their preshus fandom" only serves to reinforce what they were saying to begin with about people putting pairings, sex, and shipping above all else and responding with venom and anyone who says otherwise (and other fans), and is in itself highly problematic. You don't want to be viewed as "crazed shippers" yet how a number of people misread what the OP was saying and responded with anger, accusation, and venom only seems to demonstrate the opposite and how desperately and obsessively people get caught up in shipping and pairings to begin with.

Liking pairings isn't bad, and liking porn isn't necessarily bad. I mean, if you're turned on, you're turned on, and sometimes that can't really be helped. And a number of people can be shippers and like porn and still appreciate the intellectual and rich qualities of the works without regressing into bickering animals and turning supposed theories of sexuality into "srs business."
But at the same time, I can't help but agree with what's being said here, mostly because I find that what the OP was saying is all to easily applicable to so many fandoms out there. Basically, that people often get so caught up in fighting and analyzing and arguing over what pairings or romances may or may not be probable that they focus more on "which character is paired with which" or their status as "X character's boyfriend or Y character's girlfriend" rather than the character as a personality unto themselves and the many other fantastic elements of the universe inhabited by said character. It's no longer enjoying the characters for who they are or the fantastic world they inhabit for any fantastic elements they or it might contain. Instead, it becomes not appreciating a character for "who" they are and where they are, but instead for who they're paired with and their sexualities.

To sum up: There may be a slim chance that I'm wrong, but I don't believe it's necessarily slash and porn the OP has issues with so much as they're having issues with fans of the series putting "supposed" theories of sexuality and pairings over everything else and completely forgetting other aspects of Holme's character that don't have to do with shipping or sex. Basically, they spend far, far more time tearing each other down and arguing over sexuality and shipping far more than focusing on actual personalities, the universe, the setting, the deductive elements, etc. Basically, the things that help make so many fictional works unique to begin with.
But that's how I'm seeing it.
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AwesomebyAccident Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012
Stumbled across this by accident, and I have to say I agree with you word for word, and given what the OP said I agree on that to. I don't watch SH (my sister does, but I haven't had the chance yet), and while I am a fan of pairings and like to see them get together, what I really love is when the romance isn't blown completely out of proportion so that it ruins what I liked to begin with. With SH's case, I agree that if the main point of it is that Sherlock is a character who has an amazing intellect who isn't distracted by things like human contact, if he did it would deteriorate his character and make every episode about him score his various love interests, thus turning the show into an almost soap opera.

That's something I enjoy about my favorite show Fringe. While we've all know from episode one that Peter and Olivia are eventually going to get together they didn't 'get together' until the end of season three, and even then every episode wasn't about them having sex (this also has to do with the fact that Olivia had been replaced by her alternate self). But we're now in the middle of season four and while Peter still loves Olivia and tries to get home to her, he's not shacking it up with alt.Olivia in the mean time. The show is about him trying to save the world and if it wasn't it would loose its appeal.

For me, pairings are frosting on the cake. Cake is delicious on its own, but when you put frosting on its better, put too much frosting on and it can make you sick though, and if you don't like frosting (there are people out there who don't) its easily scraped off.
invisible-chan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
Oh my glob. Thank you so much for this. I absolutely loved the referenced post. It really pissed me off how many people completely missed the point of what was being said. Shipping is fun and all, but unless you're reading a romance novel or shojo, there is so much more to be found that who may or may not be fucking whom.
Chrispy92 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Student Writer
What's worse for me is when fantards start warping the character to suit their own fantasies. I've seen it happen so many fu**ing times that its gone from funny to just downright depressing.
In-The-Machine Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
For me, it really depends, honestly.
Basata-sama Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
...While I do agree with what you in particular were saying, the author of the tumblr page DID kinda have a "If you never read the original books you're horrible" kind of thing going for the whole rant, including mentioning 'spoon-feeding' propaganda to people who watch the show or movies or the 'derivations' of the modern works based off the original materials, saying most people are just drawn to them because of the looks of the leading actors. That was... pretty much all I gained out of it aside from that link to the original stories. I can understand reasonable frustration with the fandumb, but her entire 'crutch', to quote her own usage, was the original novels, or as she said, 'canon works' that apparently people had to read if they wanted a more enriching experience and didn't want to rely on what was between their legs, apparently seeming to imply that they won't get a real out of experience out of anything BUT the books. I don't think all the missile-like anger aimed toward her is completely unwarranted, seeing that.
MileniaKitsuvee Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with that, it's annoying when people only want to talk about a fandoms pairings and their "ultimate OTP 4 evars". And it kinda scares me when sometimes they are very extreme about it to the point they believe it's canon. o.o And I love Sherlock but I had no idea this stuff was going on. Wtf. I think his sharpness and dedication to his work is much more interesting a subject then who he wants to go out with. >.>
Inarispellborn Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And then you have a book series where the only thing that matters for the plot is the pairing/shipping/getting pregnant from an undead fairy, aka twilight.
FlamingSpartanWolf Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
1) How on earth did you get so good at writing these things? I love them to death...

2) I totally agree with you on this. Except for me, it's Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Two of my friends are so obsessed with them being incestual soul mates (one even coming up with qoutes to prove it), that I think they're just watching it for the prety faces. It's just kind of disappointing to see any work of art blwn over like that.
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This, in just about any media I have ever read that had anything resembling social interaction, it always sunk into yet another Freudian clusterfuck of who's shagging who. Never mind that there might be plot or themes or god forbid an actual message behind the story; they just want to turn everything into porn. Rule 34 aside the world of fiction is a tad bit deeper then just being smut factory of every fetish imaginable.

I never even read the series and I completely empathize with Holmes being a man dedicated to his craft over his social life. It's hard to relate to people when you think in several dimensions outside their day to day thoughts.
Numbuh00 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to say that what first drew me to BBC's Sherlock was his amazing deductions and the elaborate crime plots. But I suppose after a while I became interested in other aspects as well (such as the characters' personalities and, yes, relationships). When I say "relationships", I don't necessarily mean the sexual kind, but all kinds of relationships (brotherly, friendship, etc.) Perhaps that's because relations between people always intrigued me and made the story and characters more likeable in my eyes (perhaps I could relate more that way, I don't know).

Now, I agree with you that some people are only interested in "omg, porn, yay" and I suppose that might annoy some people, but I think we should stop judging. "Ok, so you like this show for the pairings, I like it for the plot. That's fine, let's move on." I really don't have an issue with people only watching something for pairings or sexual stuff. It doesn't bother me and I never fully understood people that do get bothered by this (such as the author of that blog).

Although I did get the sense that he was even more upset about people not having read the original stories than the "shipping above everythign else" thing. I mean, it's a good thing to encourage people to read the originals (I admit I only read a few and it was quite some time ago, so I don't remember them well anymore), but perhaps he could do it in a nicer manner (one that doesn't quite bash the adaptations so much).

That being said, I also wanted to add that I never got people who say "omg, the fandom has ruined this series for me". How can a fandom ruin it for you? I mean, sure, there are going to be things you won't agree with some of the people who are also fans of it, but just because you see somebody's opinion (even if it's the opinion of the majority), it doesn't mean you have to hate the show because of that. I have seen people (in some of the fandoms I've been in in the past) almost kill each other over pairings (or other things), but I just didn't care and kept on enjoying the show.

And I don't know where the author was going when saying that they should've cast older and less-attractive (resenbling the original characters more) people. Because as far as I can remember, when Holmes and Watson met, they were about the age that the BBC show portrays them to be. And the cast isn't that attractive (at least not traditionally so). Personally, my first thought when I saw the show wasn't "omg, so hot". Although it's true that I do find them kinda attractive now, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I really like their personalities (of the actors as well as of the characters) and personality is something that always makes the person more attractive to me.

Ok, I don't want to make this even longer, it's long enough as it is.
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